About us

I originally moved to Dubai from Australia in 2001.  I met my husband here in Dubai, and it was when we were planning our wedding I realized just how expensive flowers can be in this country.  We could not see the sense in paying so much money for flowers for a couple of hours.  So we decided to do it ourselves.  And the results were amazing.  My friend even made my bouquet – from paper.

So after a long and enjoyable career in the hospitality industry in Human Resources, I recently said goodbye to my suits and have swapped them for an apron!  Doing something you are passionate about is exhilarating.  Now I can share this fun with you.

Due to the climate in Dubai, fresh flowers are not readily accessible like they are in many countries.  Back in Australia I used to love going to the South Melbourne market on the weekend.  Picking up some fresh flowers for the house which would last almost a week.  I’m now making flowers more accessible for everyone in Dubai – whether it’s for a friend, just to say I’m thinking of you, or a treat for yourself.  With this business model, there are no expensive overheads – no flower shop with huge rent.  It’s all done online.  And the freshest of flowers –  there is a new design every day, there are no old flowers sitting around overnight waiting to be sold.

We hope you enjoy our flowers and gifts as much as we love preparing them.

Should you have any feedback please feel free to contact me directly

Frances McGregor

[email protected]

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