How it works

Here’s how it works:

  1. We get the freshest flowers of the season imported to Dubai.
  2. We create one unique design each day and upload it here on our website and social media sites
  3. Each bunch is available to order at three reasonable price points until we sell out.   We have limited stock which means we normally sell out before noon – so don’t be hanging around on this page for too long!
  4. Orders close at 1pm (if not already sold out), and deliveries are generally between 1pm and 6pm (we try to get to the offices first)

Our Petite size for only AED 95, Splendid for AED 175 and Magnificent for AED 250.  Our unique business model ensures every flower, leaf & bud in every bunch is delivered fresh to your door.

A new bunch is advertised daily and this is the design that will be delivered if you order on the same day.  If you pre-order for another day, it will be a different bunch but we promise it will be just as beautiful.

Will my flowers look the same as in the picture?

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with flowers which are as similar to the advertised bunch as possible. However, all flowers are different so we cannot guarantee an identical match but we promise the bunch will be as gorgeous as we can make it. At times the buds may be slightly more closed than in the image, but this is simply providing you with a bunch which will last longer.

Can I make an order for another day rather than the day with the advertised bunch?

Yes of course. However, this would be a pre-order.  The style will be different to today’s flowers, but just as beautiful. And the best thing is you’ll know your order is guaranteed.

What days are you open?

Fridays are for sleep-ins! We drink coffee and hit the pavement to deliver Saturday through to Thursday (except for public holidays).

Any other Q’s?

We love to hear from you, so please shoot us an email anytime to: