Its Peony Season

Its Peony Season and we are loving it!  Peonies are my favourite flower and are so popular right now.  We are able to source them from Holland at a very reasonable price, so many of our arrangements have Peonies for these few weeks.  Delivery is available same day should you order your flowers before 1pm

How do I speed up the process of the Peony blooming?

  • Cut the stem on a sharp angle to open as large a hole as possible.
  • Place is a vase of tepid water
  • Cut the stems every 4-6 hours and place back into the water
  • Keep the flowers in a warm bright room to encourage them to open
  • Cover with a plastic bag and seal in the ethylene gas to encourage them to open faster.


How do I slow down the blooming of a Peony?

  • Place in a dark cool room and add ice to the water to slow down the opening process