What’s better than receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers? Receiving a bunch of flowers every
week for a month.  Or longer. Put a smile on someone’s face, or treat yourself to an ongoing supply of beautiful fresh flowers for your home. Just choose your size, tell us which day of the week you would like them delivered and we will send a fresh bunch of loveliness every week

1 bunch per week for 4 weeks (5% discount)AED 415AED 680
1 bunch per week for 12 weeks (8% discount)AED 1210AED 1985
1 bunch per week for 26 weeks (12% discount)AED 2515AED 4115
1 bunch per week for 52 weeks (15% discount)AED 4860AED 7955


The longer the subscription lasts, the bigger discount you receive

(can this be billed monthly?  What happens if they go for the 52 weeks, and then they cancel after 1 month? They have already had the discount applied)

Like your subscription to go for longer? Just email us at and we can arrange for you.